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SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 is owned Kash Data Consulting LLC. an information technology firm specializing in providing exceptional database management services and solutions. We provide training, consulting and recruitment services for small to medium sized companies.

Our philosophy takes a practical approach towards learning Microsoft SQL server database software. Our SQL Server video tutorials and training material is developed and produced by Senior Database Professionals. We focus on practical tips and tricks that will increase your productivity as a SQL Server Developer or a SQL Server DBA. Here are some of the highlights of our unique SQL Server 2008 video training and SQL tutorials:

    * Installation of SQL Server 2008
    * Using SQL Server Configuration Manager
    * SQL Server Management studio (SSMS)
    * Databases design in SQL Server 2008
    * Security in SQL Server
    * Using sql commands in SQL Server 2008
    * SQL Server 2008 administration, 
    * Backup and Restore in SQL 2008 Server
    * Database relationships in MS SQL Server
    * Monitoring activity with SQL Profiler
    * Using SQL functions and stored procedures 
    * Query optimization and index tuning 
    * Business intelligence topics 
    * MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    * MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSIS)
    * Transact SQL (TSQL) scripts

If you are looking for additional training on SQL Server topics, visit our other training sites listed below:

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FREE SQL 2008 Server Tutorial Videos

You can watch a few SQL 2008 Server Video Samples at the FAQ page.

Sql Server 2008 is part of Kash Data Consulting LLC. We are a consulting company based in Dallas, Texas and specialize in Development, Administration and Reporting on SQL Server 2008.


"The SQL 2008 Tutorial videos are truly informative, in a clear language that is easily understandable even to us non-english native speakers. Excellent value for money!"

// Magnus, Stockholm, Sweden