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SQL Server Tutorial

sql 2008

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SQL Server 2008 Tutorial Videos

In this MS SQL 2008 training series, we cover the following topics:

    * Installation of SQL Server 2008
    * SQL Server 2008 Configuration Manager
    * SQL Server Management 2008 Studio (SSMS)
    * Working with Databases in SQL Server 2008
    * Security in MS SQL 2008 Server
    * Transact SQL in SQL Server 2008 Tutorial
    * MS SQL 2008 Server Administration and Maintenance
    * Backup and Restore plus Compression in SQL Server 2008
    * Entity Relationships in a MS SQL 2008 Database
    * Monitoring SQL 2008 Server 
    * SQL Views, Functions and Stored Procedures in MS SQL 2008

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SQL Server 2000 Tutorial Videos

In this SQL 2000 training series, we cover the following topics:

    * Overview of sql server 2000
    * Installing SQL Server 2000
    * Creating and Maintaining Databases
    * Using Data Transfer in SQL Server 2000
    * Backup and Restore a database
    * Security in SQL Server 2000
    * Performing Administration Tasks
    * Miscellaneous Topics in SQL Server 2000

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SQL Server 2008 PowerPoint Presentations

    * SQL Server 2008 Tutorial - Configuration Manager
    * SQL Server 2008 Tutorial - Entity Relationships
    * SQL Server 2008 Tutorial - Installation
    * SQL Server 2008 Tutorial - Maintenance and Job Automation
    * SQL Server 2008 Tutorial - Misc Topics
    * SQL Server 2008 Tutorial - Profiling and Monitoring Tools
    * SQL Server 2008 Tutorial - Working with Databases

Advanced Tutorial SQL 2008 Videos

* Microsoft Reporting Services in MS SQL 2008 - Covers BIDS,
Report Server, Report Manager and other SSRS topics
* MS SQL Server 2008 training - performance tuning and query optimization using SQL Profiler
* SQL 2008 training video - Using sqlserver sqlcmd instead of osql
* SQL Server video tutorial - Exporting access database to SQL Server 2008 using SSIS 2008 package
* Microsoft 2008 SQL Server tutorial - Using database mail with SQL Server 2008 Agentl
* SQL Server training - Create SQL Server integration services package using business intelligence development studio (BIDS 2008)
* SQL String Functions like REPLACE, LEN, LEFT, LTRIM, SUBSTRING, CHARINDEX and more sql functions
* Tutorial on SQL joins - Using Customers database with sql joins including INNER join, OUTER LEFT AND RIGHT joins
* Microsoft Reporting Services in SQL 2008 - Cover BIDS, Report Server, Report Manager and other SSRS topics
SQL Server Tutorial Video - Working with Subqueries using TSQL in SQL Server 2008
* SQL Date Functions tutorial including GetDate, DateAdd, DatePart and other date related  functions
* Managing sql server indexes (clustered, non-clustered) in SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Tutorial
* How to setup Database Mirroring tutorial in SQL Server 2008
* Aggregate-Functions SQL training like COUNT, AVG , MIN, MAX and GROUP BY in SQL Server SQL Server Training
SQL Server Tutorial - Monitoring Activity in SQL Server 2008
Working with Database Tuning Advisor in SQL Server 2008 SQL 2008 Tutorial

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SQL Server Tutorial and Queries with TRANSACT SQL

1. Using WAITFOR DELAY SQL to add time delay
2. Using sp_change_users_login in sql 2008 server
3. Finding cpu utilization with TSQL code
4. Removing data from a BIG table in MS SQL 2008
5.  How to kill orphan processes with mssearch in sqlserver

6. Using xp_fixeddrives SQL stored procedure to find drive space
    on your database server

7. Getting a baseline query optimization with SQL Query DBCC

8. SQL Command to make a quick copy of a table in sql 2008
9. TSQL script code to drop or delete a database
10. How to create a database using Transact SQL (tsql) code

11. Using Advanced SQL xp_cmdshell stored procedure_0011
12. Change recovery model all databases in one shot_0012
13. How to write a SQL Query to add, modify and drop columns 
     in MS SQL 2008_0013

14. Start and stop MS SQL Server services with SQL_0014
15. Basic SQL Command select, sql insert, sql update and sql delete syntax_0015

16. How to use while loop sql server_0016
17. Using if else then sql code in sql server_0017
18. Extented stored procedures like xp_readerrorlog and

19. How to create a sql server login with sql syntax_0019
20. Check to see if record exists in a MS SQL table_0020

21. Set transaction isolation level to read uncommitted_0021
22. Drop and create SQL operators using tsql code_0022
23. Performance tuning tip SQL Server with DBCC/Statistics_0023
24. Moving tempdb in MS SQL 2008 server using alter database sql

25. How do I find missing indexes with dynamic management br   views in SQL 2008 Server_0025

26. Inserting data to sql table with a nested sub select query_0026
27. Aggregate functions SQL MIN, MAX, SUM, SQL COUNT_0027
28. MS SQL 2008 example on using a cursor_0028
29. How to loop in sql stored procedurer with while loop_0029
30. Get list of columns and user tables using SQL catalog br  views_0030

31. Change owner for SQL Server jobs to SA-0031
32. Create table in ms sql server using SQL CREATE TABLE-0032
33. How to input text file to sql table using bulk insert sql br command-0033
34. SQL String Functions LEN, LEFT, RIGHT, LOWER, UPPER, and
     SQL REPLACE-0034

35. Using sql case statements for conditional logic-0035

36. Find indexes using sys indexes catalog view-0036
37. Create temporary table in SQL Server-0037
38. Using SQL table variable vs temporary table-0038
39. How to Alter index in SQL 2008 with br dm_db_index_physical_stats-0039
40. Steps to find and remove duplicates SQL Server-0040

41. SQL Server left outer join-0041.sql 
42. Using WHERE clause in SQL SERVER 2008-0042.sql
43. How to backup SQL Server database-0043.sql
44. SQL Script to restore sql server database-0044.sql
45. How to do Inner join SQL 2008 Server-0045.sql

46. How to declare sql variables-0046.sql 
47. Create index clustered index example-0047.sql 
48. Primary keys foreign keys-0048.sql 
49. SQL coalesce function sql server example-0049.sql 
50. Using sql stored procedure xp_fileexist-0050.sql 

51. How to find unique values in a field-0051.sql 
52. String functions including REPLACE, SUBSTRING, CHARINDEX and LEFT-0052.sql 
53. More extended procedures like xp_fixeddrives-0053.sql 
54. Performance tuning tips part-1-0054.sql 
55. Performance tuning tips part-2-0055.sql 

56. Using sql cast conver in sql server-0056.sql 
57. How to send email sql server using sp_send_dbmail-0057.sql 
58. SQL Server date functions sql convert date-0058.sql 
59. Create a view in SQL server 2008-0059.sql 
60. Monitor activity at the process level SQL Server-0060.sql 

61. How to alter database to modify data file-0061.sql What is SQL Server 2008
62. What is detaching database in sql server-0062.sql MS SQL 2008 Video Training
63. What are sql server transaction techniques-0063.sql What is SQL 2008
64. Procedure to rebuild all indexes using information_schema-0064.sql MS SQL Server Video Training
65. How to delete from sql server 2008 table-0065.sql What is MSSQL

66. Useful DBCC Tsql commands sql 2008-0066.sql SQL Server Tutorial
67. How to concat values in Sql Server-0067.sql SQL Server Tutorial
68. Using sql group by having with sum count-0068.sql SQL Server Tutorial
69. Advanced string functions CONCAT LTRIM RTRIM-0069.sql What is MSSQL
70. Examples of sub-query statements in SQL Server-0070.sql SQL Server Tutorial


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